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Root Canals

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A Root Canal is a dental procedure which involves the removal of the pulp to repair a decaying or infected tooth. Some children and adults fear drills. At Abys Dental, Dr. T. makes sure the procedures are a comfortable experience.

Root Canals to Stop Discomfort and Preserve Your Teeth

Endodontic therapy, commonly called root canals, is often crucial in dealing with infected teeth. Teeth can become infected as a result of trauma or decay. If the infection is not effectively addressed, the tooth may need to be extracted (pulled). Furthermore, unchecked infection can spread throughout the mouth and into the body at large, posing a major risk to your health.

We offer all types of root canals at Abys Dental to treat dental infections. During a root canal, infected tissue is removed from the tooth, and the inner canal is cleaned meticulously. These efforts help control the infection and stop discomfort from the affected area. At the conclusion of a root canal, Dr. T will typically add a crown to the tooth for protection and an attractive appearance.

We provide root canals to patients of all ages at Abys Dental, and we can meet your family’s dental and endodontic needs.

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