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Filling Cavities

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Definitive and Aesthetic Cavity Treatment

When tooth decay strikes, a filling is crucial to stop the decay and preserve the tooth. At Abys Dental, Dr. T performs meticulous examinations to check for cavities and offers fillings to effectively address any decay he discovers.

No matter your age, a cavity can eventually threaten your entire tooth. In fact, untreated cavities may even lead to infection that can damage your total health. Dr. T provides all types of fillings for every possible situation, so you can rest assured of quality dental treatment.

Highly-Aesthetic Filling

A filling in a back molar is usually hidden from view, but what about when you need a filling in a front tooth? This area can be a very visible location, and we realize that many patients have concerns about silver-colored fillings here. For this reason, we offer highly-aesthetic fillings at Abys Dental.

These fillings are tooth-colored rather than gray or silver. They blend in well with your tooth and are barely noticeable. You do not have to settle for an unattractive restoration. Instead, you can have both function and aesthetics.

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