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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Have crooked teeth, stained teeth, or missing teeth? Abys Dental has the solution. Cosmetic Dentistry. We provide multiple cosmetic dentistry services such as straightening, whitening, and teeth cleaning without the hassle of going thousands of miles.

Teeth Whitening

At Abys Dental we want you to love every aspect of your smile. We provide professional teeth whitening treatments to remove build-up of food, smoking and beverage stains. If you have tetracycline stain or fluorosis we are here to handle that too. The Zoom white machine helps to get your teeth bright and dazzling.

Dental Microabrasion

Superficial irregularities and certain intrinsic stains on the dental enamel surfaces can be resolved by enamel microabrasion, however, treatment for such defects need to be confined to the outermost regions of the enamel surface. For deep stains whitening may be necessary in addition to the microabrasion. We are well prepared to handle your esthetic concerns.

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